academic qualifications 

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney | 2019–present


Bachelor of Science, Honours class I, University of Sydney | 2019


Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney | 2018


Diploma in Biotechnology, Singapore Polytechnic | 2012




 Journal and mAgazine covers 
 Awards and SELECTED Publications 

University of Sydney – Fudan University Partnership Collaboration Grant | 2019

John H Elliot Memorial Prize for Best Thesis in Animal Biology | 2019


University of Sydney Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance | 2019


Australian Museum Research Institute Postgraduate Fellowship | 2019


University of Sydney Science Centenary Fund Scholarship | 2019


Australian Coral Reef Society Prize for Best Macro Photograph and Overall Photograph | 2019


University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize | 2019


University of Sydney Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship  for Doctoral Research | 2018


Genetics Society of AustralAsia Travel Award | 2018

Yea, YK, Pyle RL, and Rocha, LA 2020 A new species of fairy wrasse (Teleostei: Labridae: Cirrhilabrus) from mesophytic coral ecosystems of the Verde Island Passage, Philippines. Copeia 108, 91–102.


Tea, YK, BD Greene, and P Plantard 2020 Notes on fishes of the mesophotic reefs of Réunion Island. Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation 25, 1–7. 


Tea, YK, HT Pinheiro, B Shephard, and LA Rocha 2019 Cirrhilabrus wakanda, a new species of fairy wrasse from mesophotic reefs of Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa (Teleostei: Labridae). Zookeys 863: 85–96.


Tea, YK, C Van Der Wal, WB Ludt, AC Gill, N Lo, and SYW Ho 2019 Boomeranging around Australia: Historical biogeography and population genomics of the anti-equatorial fish Microcanthus strigatus (Teleostei: Microcanthidae). Molecular Ecology 28: 3771–3785.


Frable, BW and YK Tea 2019 A new species of damselfish (Teleostei: Pomacentridae: Pomacentrus) from Nosy Faho, Madagascar. Copeia 107: 323–331.


Tea, YK, AC Gill, and H Senou 2019 Chromis tingting, a new species of damselfish from mesophotic reefs of southern Japan (Teleostei: Pomacentridae). Zootaxa 4586: 249–260.


Tea, YK, BW Frable, and C Van Der Wal 2018 Redescription and phylogenetic placement of Cirrhilabrus sanguineus Cornic, 1987 (Teleostei: Labridae), with first documentation of the female form. Zootaxa 4562: 358–372.


Tea, YK, BW Frable, and AC Gill 2018 Cirrhilabrus cyanogularis, a new species of fairy wrasse from the Philippines and Indonesia (Teleostei: Labridae). Zootaxa 4418: 577–587.


Gill, AC, YK Tea, and H Senou 2017 Navigobius kaguya, a new species of ptereleotrine goby (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from the West Pacific. Zootaxa 4341: 77–81.


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Gill, AC, YK Tea, and H Senou. 2017. Pseudanthias tequila, a new species of anthiadine serranid from the Ogasawara and Mariana Islands. Zootaxa 4341: 67–76.


Walsh, F, YK Tea, and H Tanaka 2017 Cirrhilabrus efatensis, a new species of wrasse (Teleostei: Labridae) from Vanuatu, South Pacific Ocean. Journal of The Ocean Science Foundation 26: 68–79.


Gill, AC, YK Tea, and H Senou 2016 Plectranthias takasei, a new species of anthiadine fish from southern Japan (Teleostei: Serranidae). Zootaxa 4205: 349–356.


Tea, YK and AC Gill 2016 Synchiropus sycorax, a new species of dragonet from the Philippines (Teleostei: Callionymidae). Zootaxa 4173: 85–93.


Tea, YK, H Senou and BD Greene 2016 Cirrhilabrus isosceles, a new species of wrasse (Teleostei: Labridae) from the Ryukyu Archipelago and the Philippines, with notes on the C. lunatus complex. Journal of The Ocean Science Foundation 21: 18–37.




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Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation

Molecular Ecology







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Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation

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 Training & Workshops 

University of Sydney   |   Taming the BEAST down under   |   Instructor


University of Canberra   |   DArT_R Workshop   |   Participant


University of Sydney   |   Sydney Phylogenetics Workshop   |  Instructor


Angels In Disguise: Hybridization In The Marine Angelfishes Is Widespread And Occurs Between Deeply Divergent Lineages

| AustralAsian Evolution Society 2019

Microcanthus Boomeranging Around Australia: Historical Biogeography and Systematics of the Anti-equatorial Fish strigatus 

| Genetics Society of
AustralAsia 2018 | Australian Museum Student Showcase 2018 |

| Australian Coral Reef Society 2019 | 


Cool Fishes I've Seen in Cool Places I've Been 


| Marine Aquarium Conference of Australia 2017 |


Taxonomy And Systematics – Why It Is What It Is 


| Marine Aquarium Conference of Australia 2016 |


Pseudanthias And Other Anthiadine Serranids: A Guide To Their Aquarium Husbandry


| Nordic Coral Symposium 2015 |


Biogeography and Taxonomy of Coral Reef Fishes

| Marine Aquarium Conference of Australia 2015 |


For The Love of Wrasses: A Closer Look at the Genera Bodianus, Cirrhilabrus, and Paracheilinus 


| Marine Aquarium Conference of North America 2014 |